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Gerrit Kempeneers studied physiotherapy at KUL (Louvain). He then earned his post-graduate diplomas in South Africa. In addition to the important additions to his expertise that he gained in Cape Town, he also enjoyed the personal enrichment from getting to know a completely different culture.

“The people in South Africa – in the cities as well as in the villages – are much closer to nature and look at the qualities of nature very differently than we do.
When I returned to Belgium and saw the difference between the way the South Africans looked at things and the almost completely technology and chemistry dominated way that we do here, I realised that there was something missing in the way that we look at the person-and-health relationship. Too often, 'nature' is lacking in our approach, which leads to an imbalance.
When I started my practice, I decided to base it on a total vision of people in relationship to himself, other people, and nature.
That approach has shown me that nutrition and eating habits have an important influence on our health.

The top-level athletes that I work with in my practice know better than anyone how important it is to eat enough fruit. They have to do the utmost in their efforts and reach limits that normal people will never achieve. Having a good digestive system and the importance of fruit is crucial.

The importance of fruit for digestion – and for health in general – for other people has been demonstrated countless times. Unfortunately, the diet of many people is clearly out of balance with nature.

The Fruit Revolution website is an original way to put eating fruit in the picture and make the link between fruit – taste – healthy lifestyle. In their own way, they are contributing to people of all ages acknowledging the positive value of what nature offers us and to use it. I applaud the initiative of Fruit Revolution, and want to congratulate those who put the site together for their initiative!"

Gerrit Kempeneers, physiotherapist and consultant to top-level athletes.