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A call to change the way we think about fruit!

With the website, we want to call on everyone to change the way we think about fruit. We want to make you excited about it, without pointing an accusing finger at you.

Fruit is part of a trendy lifestyle and it is high time that we give fruit the place in our fast-paced world that it deserves. Let’s get fruity at every moment of our lives… On this site, we will show you that serving strawberry tapas is trendy, that fruit softens your skin and will do your figure good, and lots of other good things about fruit.

Our society is apparently pretty prosperous because our eating habits are leading to obesity, cause of death no. 1. Many scientific studies show how healthy fruit is. Here, too, we are launching a FruitRevolution! Everyone knows that fruit is healthy, but hardly anybody knows that fruit can help prevent some cancers, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, ….

People think that they’re buying health with functional foods, but Mother Nature just offers it to us. It is high time to communicate our FruitRevolution and to shake people up. Fruit is getting a new, hip dimension! Trend watchers are predicting a complete return to natural products and attention to what is healthy as the new food trend. That trend is already clear in our weekend eating habits. More and more people are becoming aware of durability, justice and quality aspects. Everything will be about getting back to basics and an urge to return to simplicity, rest, and ethics.

Everyone seems to be ready for a FruitRevolution…

Our antioxidant wheel is a world first!

With Dr Pincemail’s anti-oxidant wheel, you can test online how much fruit and vegetables (antioxidants) you should eat every day. If you eat the recommended daily requirement (RDR), you reduce your risk of developing cancer and heart disease and you will live healthier (longer).

Fruit Revolutionaries from Day 1!

Professor Dr. J. Janssens (cancer specialist), Dr. J. Pincemail ( biomedicine), D. Lemaître (nutrition expert), Dr. C. Leys (dermatologist), G. Kempeneers (physical coach), Vicky Versavel (actress), Buscemi (musician), M. Breesch (culinary journalist with Libelle) and B. Lambrechts (managing director PHL) are clearly convinced of the need for a FruitRevolution.
Their statements are clear!

Never-before-seen enthusiasm at grocery chains!

The grocery chains, where healthy eating is clearly a primary objective, are enthusiastic about helping their customers to get into a trendy lifestyle with fruit. They believe that the antioxidant wheel is the key to success in healthy eating.


In the U.S., the new health slogan is ‘0-5-30’: 0 cigarettes, 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, and 30 minutes of physical activity. We hope that with our site, where healthy eating and activity are the common threads that inform everything here, we also launch a revolution to trendy living healthily here in Europe, too.

Filip Lowette, general director, Belgische Fruitveiling
Jos Craemers, general director, Veiling Borgloon

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