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“By teaching students today to learn to eat fruit, you create a smart and healthy society for tomorrow.”

A study carried out at PHL among our students shows that more than 75% of the students surveyed find healthy food important. As a college that listens to the needs of its students, we have an obligation to invest in providing healthy food in our foodservice. After all, the expression Mens sana in corpore sano is still a very fundamental bit of wisdom.

Ben Lambrechts, general director, Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg (PHL)  

We are convinced that the FruitRevolution will only work if consumers are informed adequately. When people have sufficient insight into how fruit is grown and handled, they will understand better why fruit is so healthy. If we want to offer the coming generations a healthy lifestyle, we will have to offer them a basis for their knowledge about healthy food. You can also put an apple, a pear and a cherry in a bottle…but it is a wonderful sensation to experience the shape, the aroma, the colour and the taste of a piece of fruit. In the current ‘back to basics’ trend, it is our job to inform consumers about where fruit comes from, how fruit is grown healthily, and how to experience the pure pleasure of fruit.

Gisèle Joris and Eddy Bal, marketing managers