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Fruit and fruit extracts have been used since antiquity to improve the quality of the skin and hair and to hold on to eternal youth. Many cosmetic firms, as well as wellness centres, have discovered fruit as an essential element in a very wide range of efficient cosmetic treatments. One of the diamonds in the rough is one of our very own home-grown fruits, the strawberry. The strawberry is a source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which have a proven effect on the skin. Those AHAs gently remove the dead surface skin cells so that new younger cells can make their way to the surface. That refreshes and softens the skin.
Regular use of these natural alpha-hydroxyl acids can lead to great improvements in light acne cases.
The easiest way to achieve that effect is simply to cut a strawberry in two and to rub it on the problem skin for several minutes and then to rinse the face.
You can also make a face mask combining the strawberry with another natural product, such as olive oil and honey.
Other beneficial characteristics attributed to the strawberry are:
  • reducing bags under your eyes (you could use the strawberries in the way that cucumbers have been used traditionally)
  • disinfecting effect on wounds
  • restoring the natural shine to your hair.
In our dermatology practice, we often use fruit-acid peels, usually based on glyco acids from cane sugar, but sometimes from apple acids, too. AHA from apples can be used at home to gently peel the older, dryer skin. It’s impossible to do anything wrong when you do it, because the fruit acid does not penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin and only works on the surface. The fruit acid in medical peels is, of course, much more highly concentrated. Green apples are best. In addition to removing the dead surface skin cells, they have other positive characteristics: they soften, reduce swelling, refresh, and bring rest. Ideal for a dry, irritated, and sensitive skin.
We are sometimes too quick to reach for medication and other remedies to care for our skin. Nature is a source of elements that are always available in the fight against aging skin and other unaesthetic conditions. Why shouldn’t we use these simple and inexpensive ways to pamper our skin and hair?!

Doctor C. Leys, dermatologist