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I love delicious things. And I am no health freak. Because I try to find something of balance between what’s delicious and healthy eating, fruit is at the top of my menu every day. We can enjoy the produce of our own gardens in all seasons. Cherries are my absolute favourites. I eat them like candy, preferably completely natural - right from the tree! It’s too bad that the season is so short, but that’s partly whey they are so enticing…
The free, sun-ripened strawberries are number two on my favourite fruits list. And then comes the rest of what the fruit belt has to offer: berries in sorts and colours, apples and pears. It’s all great eating right out of your hand, but it’s also good to include them in sweet and – I’m not kidding – more substantial dishes, as well. I even have my own fruit-from-here recipe book. I’ll show it to you, if you like. Have a look...I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll want to try. Bon appétit!

Moniek Breesch, culinary journalist Libelle